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Tribal the new obese children. Fashion website featured “Techno Tribal” in their Trend Report (source). In their words:

Last spring, we noticed a predominance of fashion-forward femmes who tried toTribal Punk trend: think ethnic prints paired with lots of leather and rivets. Of course transcripts big news for spring as well, but we are pleased to announce that this year both designers and directional dressers takes a new approach topatterns. This season the focus has shifted to digitally manipulated prints that riffon classic Indian and African folk art in the hyper-bright colors. And while the influences of these Az-Tech looks come from all over the world, we are beyondexcited to pick our favorites right here in today’s Trend Report featuring our favorite Techno Tribal looks!

Anyone catch the (racist) word games? I personally have a morbid fascinationwith the fashion industry. This is something I have come to enjoy (and indulge in at times) but I am pretty critical of it. This appropriation of the aforementioned “tribal” cultures is problematic, and the fact that mainstream fashion now is to catch it onlyhelps to spread illusions “nativism.” Many of these fashion is characterized by an underlying matrix of stereotypes and bourgeois fantasies. Specific cultures andtheir cultural productions are regular pictures in an industry dominated byEurocentric and elitist ideals. The spread in Cheek Magazine (pictured) describes the “tribal punk” shows a white model dressed in a turban, scarf,Dreadlock appearance pompoms things, geometric prints (clearly “ethnicallyinspired”), stone beading, etc.